Terry Davis, PG

Terence Davis, P.G., is an accomplished expert on the subjects of hazardous materials identification and abatement, indoor air quality, underground storage tanks, and remediation planning.  A seasoned professional with more than 20 years’ experience, Terry conducts field work and reporting efficiently with an eye to detail.  Terry is a Tennessee-licensed Professional Geologist, Asbestos Inspector, and Asbestos Abatement Project Designer.  He leads hazmat investigation teams, indoor air quality investigations, and geological studies.  Terry has cultivated an understanding and knowledge of past and current building systems, including roofing systems, heating/cooling and plumbing loops, and mechanical systems.  This knowledge gives him a comprehensive understanding of abatement or remediation requirements for building demolition, renovation, or historical restoration.  As a licensed Asbestos Abatement Designer, Terry plans and estimates abatement costs for QE2 clients with high level of accuracy.  Terry has extensive experience on multi-story building demolition projects and other similar projects at prison and school campuses.  He is honored to have been able to lead such high profile abatement design projects as the Lakeshore Park revitalization, South Waterfront Baptist Hospital, the historical McClung Warehouses, and UT University Center demolitions.  Upcoming work may soon include the massive UT multi-structure, multi-year West Campus Redevelopment project.

As a hobby, Terry is a dealer of mid-century furniture, accessories, and salvage, and has a great knowledge of architecture and style from different decades of the 1900s.  You can find some of his vintage offerings under the “KnoxModern” banner at local vintage stores.