Government Services

QE² is a small business routinely supporting the federal, state and municipal government arenas providing comprehensive engineering, environmental, technical and consulting services. The key to QE²’s success in the government business arena has been our ability to accommodate the specific requirements of the various government entities.

  • Municipal

    QE² has served over 20 municipal government programs for over two decades. QE² works closely with local officials to identify needs, solutions, constraints and funding mechanisms.


    Through its environmental and design services contracts QE² brings solutions to the specific needs of individual agencies and departments in the State of Tennessee. Unique relationships with regulating bodies (serving as board members and policy development advisors) provides opportunities for enhanced performance capability.

  • Federal

    QE²’s attributes in Federal Contracting include:

    • Small business classification NAICS codes
      • 541620 Environmental Services
      • 562910 Remediation
      • 541330 – Engineering Services
    • Work histories with the Department of Energy, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense.
    • GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract for Environmental Services
    • CCR, ORCA registered
    • DCAA and GAO auditable accounting infrastructure