Environmental Services

QE² offers highly-skilled environmental professionals, advanced technologies, a fully equipped field capability, and an emergency response infrastructure to provide environmental service for all manner of need including compliance, policy, planning, investigation, cleanup and spill response.

  • Technologies

    QE² professionals are patent holders, researchers and problem solvers. We invent, develop and enhance technologies for:

    • Green Building Systems
    • Sustainability Solutions
    • Water/Wastewater Treatment
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Laboratory Analysis
    • Environmental Remediation


    Our strength lies in our technical depth, leadership in professional associations and presense on State of Tennessee Solid Waste Disposal Control, and Air Pollution Control regulatory boards and various policy-driving groups. We make it our business to be at the cusp of policy development and implementation. This gives our clients a unique advantage in such problem solving areas as:

    • Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Health
    • Air, Wastewater, Water Supply, and NPDES permitting
    • NEPA assessment and planning
    • SPCC Planning
    • Environmental Assessment
    • Remediation of all types
    • Solid and Hazardous Waste
    • Hazardous Materials Storage and Leak Response
    • Underground Storage Tank Compliance
    • Hazardous Materials Identification

  • Environmental Field Services

    QE² is staffed with trained technicians who are fully equipped for any environmental sampling, analysis, inspection, assessment or release response activitiy. Infrastructure include:

    • Fabrication and Maintenance Shop and Yard
    • On-site and Mobile Wastewater Treatment
    • Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles
    • Remote Infrared Camera Logging
    • OSHA Hazardous Waste and Construction Trained
    • UST System Inspection Certifications
    • Lead Paint, Asbestos and Radon Trained and Licensed

    Emergency Response

    QE² is a 24-hour, round-the-clock, emergency responder. Our emergency-trained crews have responded to everything from small laboratory spills, roadside releases and terror events. Some examples include public and private facilities sabotaged with tear gas, mercury and volatile chemicals; large pipeline ruptures; and sick building outbreaks.

    • 24-hour Emergency Call Service (888) 848-1255
    • 15-minute Emergency Response Call Time
    • Standardized Emergency Response Procedures
    • Fully Stocked Emergency Response Trailers
    • Dedicated, Calibrated Equipment