Former Lakeshore
Mental Health Institute

Knoxville, Tennessee

In November 2013, QE2 was awarded a professional services contract to accomplish abatement and demolition of multiple buildings at the former Lakeshore Mental Health Institute located on Lyon’s Bend Drive in Knoxville.

The City of Knoxville acquired the campus of the former Lakeshore Mental Health Institute from the State of Tennessee. The Campus includes several five- to seven-story structures and multiple smaller structures formerly used to treat and house patients. The vast majority of the structures were built during the 1950’s and 1960’s at the height of the use of asbestos materials.

The intention of the City is to convert and expand the campus into a public-use recreational facility and City Park. QE2 is providing the professional services needed to complete the hazardous material surveys and demolition design for 23 buildings which are to be demolished.

The hazardous materials surveys included reviewing previously prepared asbestos reports, identifying data gaps in previous sampling by other consultants, performing sampling to fill the gaps, and quantifying hazardous materials. QE2’s scope of work also includes developing project plans, specifications, and bid packages for hazardous materials abatement and building demolition, as well as providing abatement and demolition monitoring to insure that all material is permitted and disposed of properly.

All of the work will occur while the active sections of the Lakeshore Park remain open and planning includes traffic, pedestrian, and utility concerns.

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  • pipes-and-ceiling-build-335

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