Former Baptist Hospital

Knoxville, Tennessee

QE2 is working with the Blanchard and Calhoun Development Team on demolishing the former Baptist Hospital campus located on Blount Avenue in downtown Knoxville. The campus includes 12 or 13 structures up to nine stories in height, most of which will be demolished.

Several adjacent buildings remain active and safety is main concern. Most of the structures were built between 1948 and 1980 and include a wide array of asbestos-containing materials. The Baptist Hospital site is also under a Brownfields Agreement with TDEC, and QE2 has reviewed existing reports, surveyed and sampled hazardous materials, and prepared documentation of environmental requirements for bidders and for the awarded contractor.

We are currently overseeing the abatement work and working with the contractor to make sure all hazardous materials are removed prior to the multi-story building demolition, and that usable materials were salvaged and recycled to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, QE2 is preparing a Remedial Action Plan to address the site, because of the Brownfield Agreement.

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